Exclusive Medical and Surgical Treatment of Foot and Ankle Disorders.

Foot Doctors of New York

FootDoctors is the podiatry practice of Dr. Herbowy, Dr. Acquaviva, and Dr. Mungari with offices in Utica, Herkimer, and Rome, New York.

All patients are seen on an appointment basis, and we request that you call in advanced so that we can reserve a time for you. The office hours are 8 AM-4 PM. Special off hour appointments can be arranged. A podiatrist is the only medical specialist who deals exclusively with medical and surgical treatment of foot and ankle disorders. The training of a podiatrist begins after completion of an undergraduate course of study followed by four years of intense study at a podiatric medical school. After receiving the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) degree, the podiatrist usually undergoes additional postgraduate training.

  • FootDoctors offices are equipped with state of the art diagnostic vascular labs to evaluate circulatory disorders.
  • Surgical consultations are conducted with computerized imaging to enhance your understanding of proposed procedures.
  • FootDoctors perform instep plantar fasciotomy, a surgical procedure for heel spur syndrome enabling patients to ambulate the date of surgery and avoid disabling nonweightbearing and a large incision.
  • FootDoctors provides lectures to interested groups and conducts free screenings at community events.
  • Offices are handicapped accessible.
  • Home visits for the homebound can be arranged and FootDoctors is available for in hospital consultation.
  • Offices are MedSafe and OSHA compliant
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